The Official PovChem Distribution Page


PovChem version 2 is now available, with a nice graphical user interface! Check it out by following this link!

PovChem version 1.00 is still available for free here, though!

I've finally had a few spare days to get this version out! :) Version 1.00 has many new features, including a configuration file so that there is no longer any need to recompile to change options - all options are also now available to people who download only the executable. I have improved the machinery for creating animations, and added and optimized a number of other more minor features.

Please see the manual for a more complete list of features. The manual is done now, too! In there you will also find information on how to use the program, how to report bugs to me, known bugs, etc.

Please see the legal information section of the manual before continuing.

These are links to download PovChem:

Please report any problems with these distribution files directly to me.

Remember that you'll need to get and install POV-Ray in order to make your images.

Here are some sample PDB-format molecules just for you to test and explore PovChem's abilities:

LEGAL NOTICE: This is copyrighted software, and by downloading it you are agreeing to abide by all applicable copyright laws. The author makes no guarantee of PovChem's efficacy, nor can the author be held liable for any losses incurred by its use.

Also, please don't put this in any archives or distribute it in any way without my permission. I would like to keep track of where PovChem is being distributed from.

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