3D Attractors!

Who wants boring text?! This is a gallery. The description of what these are is at the end...

Loops Snow Crown Screw Folds

The Program

All these pictures were created by a program that John Holder (my good friend from way back in Los Alamos High School!) and I have written together in our copious free time. The idea is based is based on Tim Stilson's "fsh" gallery, but the code is entirely our own. We wanted to see if we could make these sets of up to 15,000,000 points look like solid, shaded, shadowed objects, and I think we've had reasonable success.

John's got some more examples of attractors and other cool fractal stuff in his fractal page, so check those out too!

The Pictures

They are simply the products of my exploration of "attractor space" - chosen, of course, with some artistic discernment. Each attractor is based on five variables that give rise to a unique, non-random chaotic set of disconnected points. We then apply color and lighting models as suit our whim at the time, and voila! This is an archive of interesting discoveries, and more are being added all the time, so keep watching!

John's also got a page about attractors, with additional references.

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