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Triplex Dreams
"Triplex Dreams"

Specializing in Triplex DNA and Molecular Graphics,
and author of PovChem!


The sections below are each aspects of my life at the moment, both personal and scholastic. Explore and enjoy!


Custom Chemical Graphics

I now have a Custom Chemical Graphics service for all your molecular imagery needs! :)

tRNA image


I have written a program called vrml2pov that converts VRML files into POV-format.



I have written a program I call PovChem that makes very high-quality pictures of molecular models. In here are some examples of what this program can do.

DNA Graphics

DNA Graphics!

Okay, graphics-seekers, here are some pictures of DNA that I've created with PovChem, in a gallery format.

Guanine Host I wrote and used PovChem as part of my Ph.D. research, which included hydrogen bonding host-guest chemistry, and triple helical DNA. (I also wrote the group's Web homepage.)

3D Attractor My friend John Holder and I have been playing with 3D attractors, and their visual representation. Here is a gallery of some results so far.

Personal Pictures This is just a collection of various pictures I've taken over the years, fancying myself a photographer.

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